Welcome to my writing and health activist portfolio.

I am a medical/health & wellness freelance writer, online community/health advocate and legal assistant. Having lived with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia since 2008, I have used my experiences to share expert advice on living successfully with chronic illness.

You can find my most recent work at UpwellMango Health, the Pain News NetworkNew Life Outlook, and Medical News Today.  Check the Blog for Writing Samples and Publication List, and and feel free to contact me at Lana.connectsites AT Live.com if my work is of interest to you and you would like me to write for your site or if you are looking for a community advocate for your health support site.

As a medical/health and wellness writer, I write about various chronic illness topics, including but not limited to, parenting and single parenting, staying gainfully employed, living life to the fullest, managing stress, the emotional challenges of illness, including learning to cope, and day-to-day self-management of illness.

My areas of writing expertise include, Tip Articles, How-to Articles, Lifestyle Guides, Research, Interviews, and Blogging, I have written and had published close to 200 articles on various health, wellness, and chronic illness topics.

I have also prepared various guides on chronic illness topics, including a fibromyalgia guide, which can be found HERE.

As a patient advocate/health activist, I have worked with both Alliance Health and healtheo360.

As a patient advocate with Alliance Health since 2008, I actively sought to increase the loyalty of visitors to the site by responding knowledgeably to questions, providing resources to the site’s visitors who are seeking more information about their condition, welcoming new members to the site, encouraging positive contribution from members and showing respect to all who visit and Monitoring the site for destructive behavior and reporting to site technical team for deletion.  I contributed to the site’s content including site discussions, articles, videos, product reviews and responding to user email requests on a regular basis. I  also prepared self-authored articles on various topics pertaining to chronic illness, arthritis and fibromyalgia and worked with the editorial team to plan a monthly schedule to include deadlines, article topics, and research content.

I was a Moderator for a Private Fibromyalgia Support Group where I worked to drive conversations in the support group, recruited members, and addressed and answered questions that the group members had, and provided inspiration, motivation, and support.