My attempts at fiction. Both of these stories are works in progress.

It’s Never the Devil You Know:

Dawn Dyne is a research scientist – not a murderer. But when her obnoxious boss, Martin Peterson, is killed, she is the main suspect.  She awakes naked and covered in the victim’s blood but she doesn’t remember a thing.  Dawn doesn’t know who to trust and she has to rely on the one person she never thought she would see again, her former fiancé, Kevin Montello.  What unfolds next surprises everyone expect for one person, Roger Fluerez, Dawn’s current love and Martin’s illegitimate son.  Is it because he killed Martin out of love or vengeance or does he know who the real killer is?

Martin’s murder is a chilling reminder that you never know what people are capable of and no one amount of reputation or money can save you from the person that you would least expect – the devil you don’t know.

Redefining Love:

Megan Olson has never been lucky when it came to love.  After two failed marriages and many relationships that have gotten her nowhere, she finds love when she stops looking. But the love she finds is not romantic.  Megan finds herself protecting a child who came into her life one cold winter night.

Megan’s not alone in finding out what real love is.  She finds herself in a hostage situation with the little girl she took in, a long-time friend, her boyfriend, the chief of police and his brother.  The madman holding them has a bit of history to share and all the reasons why he wants revenge from the people he is holding hostage.

The madman’s convenient truth will bring all their pasts together. What does the truth mean and will they make it out alive?