How to Help a Loved One With Depression

Helping Someone With Depression Depression offers no prejudice, touching people from all walks of life, young and old alike. It affects everyday life causing pain, anger, and sadness, and not just to those suffering, but for those who love them. When a friend or family member is sick, it’s usually our first instinct to want... Continue Reading →


When Life Handed Me Chronic Illness

When you are a kid, no one tells you how hard adulthood will be. They don’t point out the perfect life and tell you how to go out there and get it. No one tells you about the hurdles and curves, or the sadness and adversity. They sure don’t tell you that rheumatoid arthritis (RA)... Continue Reading →

How Chronic Pain Changes Family Dynamics

Chronic pain can have a strong impact on the relationships we have with our families. Most of us are glad and appreciative when we have families that help us get through some really tough days and make life more enjoyable. Unfortunately, for many pain sufferers the support of family is lacking. Chronic pain can make... Continue Reading →

Is ADHD a Learning Disability?

Many people consider ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) a learning disability, but it is not one. It does, however, affect learning. Why the Confusion? Up to 50 percent of children with ADHD also have a learning disability, this according to the Learning Disabilities Association of America. Both conditions combined make learning harder. The typical symptoms of... Continue Reading →

What Is Kidney Cancer Metastasis?

Kidney cancer can spread from one mass of cancerous cells to other parts of the body. The process is called metastasis. How Does the Cancer Spread? When kidney tumors are left untreated, they will spread to the tissues around the tumor in your kidney. After that, it may move from your kidney into the lymphatic... Continue Reading →

Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet Tips

Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet Rules to Follow There is no medication and no alternative remedy that can cure rheumatoid arthritis (RA). However, taking medications as prescribed and following the advice of your doctor can decrease inflammation. Likewise, eating right foods can help you to manage symptoms. The best diet for people with RA – or anyone who wants... Continue Reading →

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