Liver Cancer Research: A Roundup of the Latest Research News

The Latest News About Liver Cancer Research

The following are summaries related to new research on various liver cancer studies.

Coffee Might Keep Liver Cancer Away

New research shows drinking coffee may reduce your risk of developing liver cancer. The study comes from researchers out of the University of Southampton and the University of Edinburgh.

Published in the medical journal BMJ Open, the study finds people who drink coffee — both caffeinated and decaffeinated — are less likely to develop the most common type of liver cancer, hepatocellular cancer (HCC.) This type of liver cancer occurs mostly in people who have liver disease, specifically hepatitis B or C.

The UK researchers found the more coffee you consume, the greater protection you have against HCC. One daily cup of coffee reduces the risk of developing HCC by 20% and two cups more added up to a 35% percent risk reduction.

Drinking up to five cups could cut your risk in half. However, there was no further data on consuming more than five cups daily.

Read the rest at New Life Outlook.


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