9 Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Liver

You probably don’t know how important your liver is. For starters, it is a major player in your digestive health.

Everything you consume passes through your liver. Therefore, it is important to take care of it, so it does its job.

What Does A Healthy Liver Do?

Your liver sits just below the lower part of your ribcage on the right side. Your liver is about the size of a football.

The liver has some pretty important functions, including the ability to clean out your blood by getting rid of harmful substances made by the body. It also uses a chemical called bile to break down the fat you consume and is a storage for glucose (blood sugar) which you need for energy.

You need your liver to survive and everything you breathe, eat, and drink passes get processed by your liver. Since the liver has so many different functions, any complications, as result of disease and bad lifestyle choices, can be drastic.

Tips for Keeping Your Liver Healthy

Your liver can fully regenerate and is always working to repair the damage. Just because it can heal, it doesn’t mean you should it punish on a consistent basis.

Excessive damage eventually results in complications in the form of liver diseases. Therefore for is important to practice healthy behaviors to preserve liver function and to prevent disease.

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