Understanding and Coping With an Addictive Personality

Coping With an Addictive Personality

Not everyone who tries a drug or consumes alcohol becomes addicted. But for some people, addiction is a chronic disorder affecting and changing brain chemistry.

What sets some people apart from others when it comes to addiction is addictive personalities. Having an addictive personality means you are more susceptible to addiction.

What is an Addictive Personality?

An addictive personality is a set of traits that makes addiction more likely. And addiction isn’t limited to just drugs or alcohol; people can become addicted to food, gambling, sex, and so much more.

People who act impulsively, struggle to manage stress, and who want instant gratification are most susceptible to addiction. Addicts typically rely on substances and irresponsible behaviors to manage the troubles in their daily lives.

This type of behavior eventually has a detrimental effect on their lives and personal relationships the more dependent on substance or behavior an addict becomes.


According to a report of 83 large-scale studies published in the journal Evaluation and the Health Professions, the overall prevalence of addiction in the United States over a one-year period varies from 15 percent to 61 percent. At least 47 percent of people suffer from maladaptive signs of addictive personalities at any one time and at least half of the US population is addicted to one more destructive behaviors.

Other studies estimate 10 to 15 percent of the population has an addictive personality. These people have a more difficult time around drugs and alcohol.

Read the rest at New Life Outlook.


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