What You Need to Know About Forteo Injections for Osteoporosis

Forteo for Osteoporosis

Teriparatide, under the brand name Forteo, is an artificial version of parathyroid hormone, a naturally occurring hormone in the body that works to regulate calcium metabolism.

Teriparatide also promotes bone growth. It is different than other osteoarthritis medications, which improve bone density by slowing down and hindering bone resorption, the breakdown and absorption of old bone.

Under the brand name Forteo, teriparatide was approved for use in 2002 by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is the only osteoporosis medication available that rebuilds bone.

When the FDA approved teriparatide, it gave it a black box warning. The reason for the warning was the potential risk for osteosarcoma, a rare, malignant, and often fatal cancer.

Research Studies

Various studies have found teriparatide to be an effective treatment for osteoporosis.

Study results show it is successful in reducing bone loss and in the formation of new bone. It also helps to increase bone mineral density and strength.

One study published in the Journal of Bone Mineral Research, finds that teriparatide use results in increased vertebral bone mineral density in postmenopausal woman, regardless of age or previous history of fracture. The study also found women older than 65 experienced the most improvement.

Another study from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, Arkansas, finds that teriparatide successfully introduces new bone formation, physically similar to normal bone. The researchers further note teriparatide increases bone mass density and reduces the risk for fracture.

A study from earlier this year, also published in the Journal of Bone Mineral Research, looked at combination treatment of denosumab (Brands: Xgeva and Prolia) and teriparatide therapy. The study reveals that combination therapy improves total bone density and bone strength more than either drug alone does.

Another study from 2016, reported in the medical journal, Bone, finds teriparatide increases bone volume, improves bone structure and expands bone thickness. That study further reports on a reduction in non-vertebral fracture, especially hip fractures.

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