Life With One Kidney

Living With One Kidney After Cancer

Many people are living normal and healthy lives with one kidney after kidney cancer. It’s important, however, that you stay as healthy as possible so you protect your only kidney.

Since your one kidney is doing the work of two kidneys, here are some things to consider:

What Is Different?

Your single kidney will have to provide 75 percent of normal kidney functions, rather than the 50 percent it did previously. You likely will not have kidney problems, especially in the first few years after kidney removal.

Having one kidney does not affect the length of your life nor does it affect the type of life you will have. In fact, your life can still be pretty normal.

Long-Term Problems

You may develop high blood pressure (BP) after kidney removal but your BP can be managed with proper diet and medication. You should also limit your sodium intake and not smoke.

You will want to monitor your blood pressure at home because a consistently high BP could potentially damage your healthy kidney. Notify your doctor if your BP continues to stay over 140/90.

Although rare, a hernia can occur at the incision site used for removing your kidney. This may occur as you are healing and or it may show up later.

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