8 Ways to Naturally Manage Psoriasis

Natural Remedies for Psoriasis to Try

You may have heard about alternative or natural therapies for managing psoriasis. While there is very little scientific evidence that home remedies for psoriasis work, you may still find some temporary relief from some of these.

Here are eight natural alternatives to managing your psoriasis symptoms.

Aloe Vera

Applying aloe vera gel directly to affected skin is a natural alternative to steroids found in topical creams. Aloe vera has no side effects, even with long-term use.

Swedish researchers found 83 percent of people using aloe creams are getting significant relief. And there has been some evidence suggesting aloe vera may also provide pain relief, including one study reported in the Journal of Pakistan Medical Association.

According to the Pakistani study, burn patients who were treated with aloe vera healed faster and experienced better pain relief, compared to those who had not.

Any evidence aloe vera helps reduce symptoms of psoriasis is scarce, but its use is safe. If you choose to use it, apply a small amount on your skin and wait 24 hours before applying to your body, to confirm you are not allergic.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The National Psoriasis Foundation has recommended apple cider vinegar for treating psoriasis. It has antibacterial properties so it may help your itching and inflammation.

Apply raw, organic cider vinegar directly to affected areas to help reduce your psoriasis symptoms. But if you have open wounds or inflamed spots, apple cider will cause further pain and irritation.

You can find raw, or unfiltered, organic cider vinegar at your local grocery store.

There has been no direct research on the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar, although it was mentioned briefly in the Journal of Pharmacy Research as a smoothing method for psoriasis when added to bath water or directly applied to skin.

So far, it appears there is no evidence showing any risk of using apple cider vinegar to manage your psoriasis symptoms.

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