5 Things to Remember When Chronic Illness Wears You Down

Life with chronic illness can be good even if it’s far from perfect.

Chronic illness pain, fatigue, and other symptoms can really wear you down. Whether you have fibromyalgia, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), diabetes, or something else, chronic illness could make you feel depressed, pushed to your limits, and stuck. I have been there. Sometimes I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders and it takes everything I have to not lose control.

Here are five things I remind myself of when it feels like I can’t hold it all together.

1. You are more than your illness

No one should allow themselves to be defined by their circumstances. And while you are not your illness, you are still responsible for your health. Learn all you can about your disease or multiple conditions and learn how to take care of yourself. The choice is yours: you can either let chronic illness define you and dominate your life or you can become a more informed patient and manage your condition as best you can.

Dealing with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia is only one part of my life and I will not allow it to consume my every thought and action—nor will I allow it to change who I am or define my future.

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