Embracing an Imperfect Life With Chronic Illness

There is no question that chronic illnesses change lives in ways we wish it didn’t. Choosing to embrace an imperfect life can help you face challenges and lead a happy, meaningful, and fulfilled life. Here are five steps to embracing an imperfect life with chronic illness: 1. Feel your anger and grief Living with chronic... Continue Reading →


Taming the Emotional Rollercoaster of Chronic Illness

Living with chronic illness is an emotional rollercoaster with a variety of emotions, ranging from disbelief, anger, fear, hope, depression, acceptance, and finally moving forward. Research shows that people who have experienced higher rates of psychological distress have an increased chance of being diagnosed with a chronic condition. But even people who have experienced little... Continue Reading →

7 Lessons in 7 Years of Being Sick

Choose to find value in your struggle and never surrender to your illness.  A week after my youngest son was born, I awoke to all-over body pain and the inability to walk or use my hands. That was nearly seven years ago and I have learned a lot about being sick, especially as I face... Continue Reading →

How to Cope With Fibromyalgia Fog

My day job in the legal field can be pretty demanding, involving numerous phone calls, emails, deadlines, and other verbal and written communications. Some days, fibromyalgia fog makes my job a whole lot harder. Whether it is memory issues, trying to find the right words, misplacing things, or transcribing phone numbers correctly, fibro fog can... Continue Reading →

Write About Your Experience to Help You Heal

Writing about difficult experiences, such as chronic illness and trauma, can be an effective way to ease emotional pain, stress, and worry. Moreover, the latest research shows that expressing your feelings in words can also speed up healing and ease physical pain. The research A 2013 study out of the University of Auckland, New Zealand,... Continue Reading →

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