Is Fibromyalgia Like a Software Problem?

Earlier this year, the British Pain Society released an interesting study on the development of a new method to help doctors better communicate with fibromyalgia patients about their pain and symptoms.

That narrative, which takes the unusual approach of comparing fibromyalgia to a software problem in a computer, is geared towards motivating patients to focus on exercise and other lifestyle changes, as opposed to pain medication.
“This study provides evidence that a framework incorporating a computer based analogy provides an acceptable story that helps FM (fibromyalgia) patients understand their illness and motivates them to engage in evidence based lifestyle adaptations that enhance recovery,” wrote lead author Michael Hyland, PhD, a professor of Health Psychology at Plymouth University in the UK.

Read more at the Pain News Network.

***I don’t have any opinions on the study.  Just reporting the news. 🙂

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