5 Ways to Successfully Advocate for Yourself

Keep these tips in mind to better control and manage your chronic illness.

If you suffer from chronic illness and pain, it is important to learn to advocate for yourself. You are your best advocate because you are the only one that will not give up on you.

Don’t tell yourself you will just learn to live with your chronic illness, because that isn’t enough. Having a passive attitude toward your health isn’t as beneficial as having an active one.

Here are five ways you can play an active role in assuring you receive quality care and get the support you need to make living with chronic illness easier:

1. Know your illness

The first and most vital step in advocating for yourself requires taking time to understand your condition. The internet offers millions of websites and forums dedicated to chronic illness. Doing your research and learning all about your illness allows you to be the best advocate for yourself and feel more in control of your situation. Just make sure your internet research comes from reputable sources.

Read the rest of my article at Upwell.


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