How to Manage Social Isolation With Chronic Illness

Learn five ways to stay connected with others and prevent feeling alone. Living with chronic illness and pain is difficult. And too often, sufferers isolate themselves. As a result, it is important to learn how to manage times of social isolation so depression doesn’t take over. Chronic illness causes social isolation “Belonging” is a complex social... Continue Reading →


When Life Handed Me Chronic Illness

 When you are a kid, no one tells you how hard adulthood will be. They don’t point out the perfect life and tell you how to go out there and get it. No one tells you about the hurdles and curves, or the sadness and adversity. They sure don’t tell you that rheumatoid arthritis (RA)... Continue Reading →

Chronic Illness and Sexual Intimacy

Chronic illness doesn’t have to have negative effects on your relationship and sexual satisfaction. Having a chronic illness such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, or fibromyalgia can take a toll on intimate relationships. The partner who is sick may be coping with many changes in how he or she feels. And the person who is not... Continue Reading →

Autoimmune Disease, Arthritis and Women

Why are women targeted more than men? Autoimmune diseases that cause arthritis symptoms tend to affect more women than men. This understanding has been established for well over a hundred years, but only in recent years has research paid specific focus to possible reasoning. Autoimmune Disease and Arthritis There are 50 million Americans that live... Continue Reading →

Overcoming Arthritis in the Bedroom

Communication and changing habits are keys to bolstering intimacy. Sex is a hot topic and it is also a taboo topic. Whether you are talking freely among friends or for educational purpose, there will be controversy. As it pertains to arthritis, many of you have found yourselves wondering whether arthritis and sex can even go... Continue Reading →

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